The Year in Shira!

This year’s publications:
* “The Library, After” in Mythic Delirium #24.
* “The Changeling’s Lament” in Stone Telling #5.
* “Between Truth and Life” in Steam Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories, January 2011.
* “The Portal to Heaven” in Electric Velocipede #21/22.
* “Fortune” reprinted in ChiZine, May 2011.
* “Valentines” reprinted in Apex Magazine, June 2011.
* “I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between” in Apex Magazine, October 2011.

But that wasn’t all! This year I got a book contract for Shayara, the series that’s been in the back of my mind half my life… and lost it when the publisher went under. But in the process of expanding the first volume of Shayara and writing the second, I found that it wasn’t where my heart was – so I was glad, eventually, to be able to redirect my energies to the work that was clamoring to get out! That work would be my current novel-in-progress, Cicatrix, which you’ll have heard me read at conventions. If you go to conventions, and if you go to readings. (You should!)

I had the surreal experience of a poem going viral. “The Changeling’s Lament” hit Tumblr in a big way, and has over 111,000 hits on StumbleUpon as I write this. I’ve never had anything like that happen, and it seems to be rare for poetry in general! I’m so glad that it happened with this one, though, and that it spoke to so many people. The mini photo essays people have done in response to it are gorgeous. Any fan art is good, but this has been particularly special.

“The Changeling’s Lament” has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and recommended for the Tiptree Award, “The Library, After” has been nominated for the Micro Award for flash fiction, and “I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between” is on Tangent Online’s 2011 recommended reading list.

My focus in the coming year will be mainly on Cicatrix and on another project that I hope to announce soon. And I’ll be at Arisia, Boskone, Conbust, Wiscon, Readercon, and PiCon (where I’ll be the Guest of Aesome) this year, so come see me!

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