Shira Lipkin has managed to convince Strange Horizons, Apex Magazine, Stone Telling, Clockwork Phoenix 4, and other otherwise-sensible magazines and anthologies to publish their work; two of their stories have been recognized as Million Writers Award Notable Stories, and they have won the Rhysling Award for best short poem. Their nonfiction has appeared at Salon. They credit luck, glitter eyeliner, and tenacity.

They edit Liminality, a magazine of speculative poetry, and co-produce and co-host burlesque shows with Lucky Charming as Viscous & Tingle. They live in Boston. Their cats are bigger than their dog.

You can find them at Facebook. You can be their fan there, too. They’re on Twitter and Tumblr. Their e-mail address is shira.lipkin AT gmail.com.

Please note that Shira does not have an official author/editor photo. This is by choice. Please refrain from randomly selecting and assigning one.

Shira has, among other things, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrom type IV, vascular.

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