Current Work

* Currently seeking representation for my first novel, Stars Burn Down, a psychological thriller. Will and Ellie were the Dollhouse Detectives: real-life kids who solved crimes and found themselves unwillingly immortalized in a series of children’s books and a TV show. Years later, Ellie’s mother — the writer of those books — is murdered right before a festival celebrating them. Will and Ellie, once inseparable, haven’t spoken in years, and their reunion in their small hometown of Hillcrest is the catalyst for a dark and violent trip down memory lane with many present-day implications as the complexity of their history reveals itself in unexpected ways. It took an act of severe emotional violence to release them from each other’s gravitational pull last time; this time, there may be no escape.

* Currently seeking a publisher for my poetry manuscript, The Life Cycle of the Phoenix, an exploration of recovery from intimate partner violence in three parts.

* Currently writing a five-book anti-fascist urban fantasy series; as of August 2018, I’m on book three. (Books one and two still need an editing pass, but chapters can be made available.) Support me on Patreon?