The Year in Shira

Sadly, I didn’t write much this year; 2013 was a year full of things both horrible and wonderful, and the horrible stuff kept me from my work.

But for the first time I co-edited a thing. Working with Michael on Flying Higher was great for me on a lot of levels; it started out as a whimsical bit of silliness at a con, and it turned into a thing that helped give me structure and direction. To everyone who gave us your superhero poetry, thank you. You probably don’t know how much you helped.

And it turned out really well! (Also contains my poem Limbo. Oh hush, Michael has a Hawkguy poem in there too. 🙂 )

Other stuff that came out in 2013:

* “The Busker, Broke and Busted”, in Apex. Which is more of a song than a poem, but I seem to specialize in things that are neither flesh nor fowl.

* “And the War is Never Over”, in Strange Horizons. My debut there, and a poem I’m very proud of.

* Where We Died” and “Not Too Bold” in Niteblade.

* “Becca at the End of the World”, in Apex, is one I have a hard time reading at readings because FEELS.

* And “Happy Hour at the Tooth and Claw” in Clockwork Phoenix 4, which is still, I think, my favorite story I’ve ever written. I wrote it in pieces last year as my year-and-a-half of hell was starting. I told myself that just sitting down and writing a little bit would be okay, just keep doing it, and I’d find my way out.

So I need to do that again. And that’s how I’ll start 2014.

Because 2014 is also a year of big changes.

I’m starting a project with my partners that you’ll be hearing about very soon.

And it’s time to finish that book.

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