The Year in Shira

2012’s publications:
* “Mushroom Barley Soup: An Invocation“, in Stone Telling #8
* “nameless“, in Through the Gate #1
* “The Oracle Never Dances”, in Mythic Delirium #27
* “Ereshkigal’s Proposal to Hades”, in Mythic Delirium #27
* “Splinter” in Apex Magazine #42.

If you are of a nominating sort, “Mushroom Barley Soup” is considered a Long Poem and “nameless”, “The Oracle Never Dances”, and “Ereshkigal’s Proposal to Hades” are all considered Short Poems as far as Rhyslings go. “Splinter” is eligible for all the stuff short stories are eligible for.

This year, I won the Rhysling Award for best short poem, for “The Library, After”! And I was Guest of Awesome at Pi-Con, which was, predictably, awesome.

In the coming year, look for “Happy Hour at the Tooth and Claw” in Clockwork Phoenix 4, “And the War is Never Over” at Strange Horizons, and “The Busker, Broke and Busted” at Apex. And now I must get back to writing!

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