Rhysling Award! and other updates

Apparently I have just won the Rhysling Award for short poem! The poem in question is “The Library, After”, originally printed in Mythic Delirium #24. You can read more about the poem here! Many thanks to Mike Allen for publishing it, and everyone who nominated and voted for it!

I’ll be reading it at my reading at Readercon today at 2:30, joined by 2nd-place winner Erik Amundsen; I nominated his poem, and trust me, you want to hear it. 🙂

This is as good a time as any to post about my recent short fiction and poetry sales. If you want things I’m already in, see here! If you’d like to know what the future holds…

* “nameless” will be in the inaugural issue of Through the Gate.
* “Mushroom Barley Soup: An Invocation” will be in Stone Telling.
* “Ereshkigal’s Proposal to Hades” and “The Oracle Never Dances” will be in Mythic Delirium.
* “Splinter” and “The Busker, Broke and Busted” will be in Apex Magazine.

More later; I do have to get to Readercon!

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