And To My Wife…

This is another piece that came out of my reader-prompted series, “Wind Tunnel Dreams”. One of the prompts I got was “and to my wife, I leave the electric kettle and the screwdriver set.”

Now, what do you do with that?

I had no idea. I sat on it for most of the month, looking at it out of the corner of my mind and fussing at it. I’d promised to write something for each prompt, but really. Electric kettle? Screwdriver set?

And then it finally popped into my head. Now, it’s one of my favorite pieces to read at conventions; the last line always gets a laugh!

This is also where you see that I read a lot of golden-age science fiction growing up. I still have a major fondness for that.

“And To My Wife…” appeared in Electric Velocipede #20. Buy your copy today!

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