An update!


I have, with some guilt, been cheating on Book Two of this series (To See if I Might Chime) with Book Three (Sing Home Your Ghost). Mostly I am impatiently awaiting the end of summer so I can get regular writing time again, instead of scrabbling for a spare half hour at three in the morning…

Seeking representation for a novel and a publisher for a poetry manuscript; see my “current work” tab for more information on that and this series!




My partner in crime, Lucky Charming, and I are putting on our second burlesque and variety show!

We invite you to Mount Olympus with Viscous & Tingle! Join us for an epic display of mythological shenanigans, heroism, vengeance, beauty, strength, and at least one sheep, as we pay tribute to the deities, demigods, heroes, mortals, and monsters of Greek mythology. Enjoy an evening of burlesque, live music, circus arts, and more, and be swept away in our Dionysian revels.

Follow us at Viscous & Tingle!




Year four of Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry will arrive on the autumn equinox! This is the first issue I’m editing solo, with Mattie taking a break. Looking forward to unveiling it!

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